So you're ready to get on the server and start flying/controlling. The first step is to request access to the server. If you haven't already, you must be registered and logged in on the website, before you start this guide.


website screenshot

  1. Click on Server Info
  2. Click on New Ticket
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Summary: Access to Flight Server
    • Description:
      • Your First Name
      • Your Last Name
      • Your Email Address
    • Project ID: Flight Server/DAFSIM
    • Issue Type: Server Access
  4. Click Save
  5. You will see a message simalar to this:
    1. registration2
  6. Wait for an Email with your Username and Password for the DAFSIM server
  7. Log out and back into the website
  8. When you click on Server Info on the left you should now see a link that says "DAFSIM".
  9. Click on this link and it should allow you to download both DafWings(the pilot app) and DafRadar(the Controller app)